Oral Histories: Lawrence Green, 2019

Lawrence Green

Campus Safety, since ‘05


What’s it like to be black at MICA?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my feelings about Black history at MICA. I would like to give Ms. Deyane Moses my blessings for such an outstanding exhibition on a subject that needs to be talked about more. Because of The Maryland Institute Black Archives, I am positive that will happen now.

I've been at MICA for almost 14 years and feel as though I have received the utmost respect from everyone I’ve encountered. I consider myself a role model for those that attend MICA, especially within the Afro-American community. I do everything I can to encourage the Afro-American students. I ensure they are treated with the utmost respect and give it as well.

I believe that we as Afro-Americans need to be more consistent in walking beside each other and not behind. I want to thank Deyane for talking about a subject that so many of us are too sensitive about talking about. Our ancestors worked hard to give us a better life and Blackives has brought that to light. My mother always said that we would overcome someday. Because of Deyane’s hard work and dedication, she has made me and others believe we will.