Oral Histories: Shannon Brown, 2019

Shannon Brown

BFA Environmental Design ‘05-07

Image Courtesy of the Artist

Image Courtesy of the Artist

What’s it like to be black at MICA?

“Hi Deyane! My name is Shannon Brown. I just wanted to let you know I heard about your thesis project from my best friend,  Phylicia Ghee. I attended MICA from 2005- 2007. I dropped out of MICA because I never felt like I belonged, even though I was a part of the Black artist community within MICA, and a co- president of the BSU I still felt alone and unfocused in my classes. I majored in Environmental Design but I got into MICA for my Painting & Drawing Portfolio. I was told many times by proffesors, that my work wasnt " Black enough" or " Ethnic enough" to say the least. It sent me into a depression. It took me years to figure out my voice creatively & own it. Im so happy that you brought light to some of the darkness MICA wanted to keep secret & truly uplift and celebrate Black student artist.  I may have finished my degree at MICA if you attended back in that time. I feel the empowerment & its so exciting to see your work. It also gives hope to It also gives hope to residents in the surrounding communities on North Ave and Baltimore that opportunities can happen for our community as a whole. Just wanted to share my story & amazing work Deyane! Im soo proud!” —via Instagram